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Whether you come for business, to socialize, or just to hang out, Glas Coffeehouse in Shawano welcomes you. Enjoy our exceptional coffees and delicious food items in our warm atmosphere that goes beyond the common coffeehouse.

Glas is committed to preserving the environment in as many ways as possible.Our Shawano location features a green roof. Hearty plants were installed on part of the roof at Glas and has a number of benefits. The urban heat island effect is the temperature difference between urban areas and their rural surroundings. Green roof vegetation helps by cooling the air, slowing air movement and acting as a substrate for pollution to settle out and detoxify. Roof temperatures are significantly reduced during the summer months. Soil in the green roof system acts like a sponge and absorbs excess rain water. It also acts as an insulator to both reduce noise and decrease energy costs.

Outside the building, a rain garden was incorporated into the landscaping to filter run-off water before entering the river.

To thank others who are thinking green, bicycle riders receive a reduced rate on drinks for doing their part to help the environment. We also offer a discount for those who bring in a reusable thermos as they are also reducing our carbon footprint by not using a paper cup each time.

Glas offers a conference room that can be scheduled for free by the community. The meeting space can seat up to 12 people and the room features a projector with a mounted screen. All meetings are catered by Glas, the green coffeehouse. Participants can either purchase items at the counter or pre-order and have them brought to the room. All menu items are available to meeting guests. Lunch items include a variety of bagels, sandwiches, quiche, biscotti, muffins, scones and cookies.Scheduling: All scheduling is handled by Glas staff. Please call (715) 851-4527 to schedule meeting time and to place your catering order. All room reservations must be accompanied by a commitment to order beverages and food from the coffeehouse menu.

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